Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indian Blog Directory and Aggregators

       Blogging can be helpful in many ways. Lets say it can be a good friend when you want to express your feelings. because you don't want to express anything to anyone in person even to friends. You can blog continuously hiding your identity and get your feedbacks from the people. some times feedback may be useful and sometimes may not.

       If you want to share your blog with others, you cannot go to each every others blog and comment on it or ask them to add your blog to their blog lists. Here is where blog aggregators help. one of the blog directory is They are a group of blogger's who think that Indian blogging community is much larger and deeper. There are few blog aggregators like, where you can submit your RSS to them. Readers please add more in the comment section if any web sites I left.


       By this way, your blog posts will reach thousands of people in the Internet. they read your post, subscribe to your RSS if they like it, comment on your post. This helps you lot in improving your blog much more advanced level. Some times you may also get repeated readers through these kind of aggregators.

      There are quite few other blog directories like, which you can use it and promote your posts. some time digging your post will also help you to increase the traffic. this doesn't mean that we should always do promote our blog. this is one time activity which you do initially and once your blog became famous, you need to do this kind of activity.

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