Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tip3: Using Feedburner and Sitemap together

Feedburner is a RSS Feed provider for blogs and other websites. It helps you to track your RSS Subscribers, its Statistics etc. you can even make money using them. they place ads on the RSS feed and share the revenue just like Google Adsense does for blogs / websites.
Google Sitemap is a tool that helps you to make your blog / websites, search engine friendly. it give you suggestions on the content, proper html generation and lots many ways.
How can i make use of both?
You can employ Feedburner in your blogspot administrator page > Settings > Site Feed. Sign up for feedburner and generate the Feedburner RSS url and update in blogspot. All of your RSS request on your blog will be redirected to Feedburner RSS. They provide you stats about your rss and tools like email subscriptions etc. You can try adding this blog which is powered by Feedburner. Feedburner is now owned by Google. soon we can see hassle free integration from blogspot.
Once you have added the rss, then sign up for Google Webmasters Tools (formerly Sitemap i guess) and add your blog url http://[your blog site]/rss.xml?orderby=updated. if you are not using Feedburner, you can simple add http://[your blog site]/atom.xml. In this way, Google crawler will get to know about your websites and the contents in it. It will start crawling within few minutes which depends on how Google resources are free. some times it may take an hour for your sitemap to be said OK. If you encountered any errors, please let me know. i can help you to kick of the error.
If all goes well, you would be able to see your blog crawled by Google Bot. Hope this helps to get you kickstarted with Feedburner and Sitemap.

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