Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Live Writer + Blogspot

This Post is written using Windows Live writer. Its so cool that windows application automatically detects the blogspot blog and downloads the templates and provides a great user experience in writing blog.


  • you need to have administrator privileges to install this application. If not, ask your system admin to install
  • Download from here and open the setup and continue the Installation Wizard.
  • Give your Blog URL, Username, Password. I suggest you not to save password.
  • Wait for some time and it will ask you whether to download your blog template. Say Yes to it so that you will get a blogging feel. software industry say it as WYSIWYG abbreviating What You Say Is What You Get

User Experience

  • Pretty Neat user experience from setting up blog and up to writing a blog post.
  • Bit slower for me (I have 1 G RAM and Pentium M processor) when doing right click while writing posts
  • No font selection on the toolbar. You need to traverse to the top Format menu > Font.
  • you can author multiple blogs.
  • Write blogs offline and save it as draft. once you are connected, you can publish it.
  • You can add tagging for Flickr, Technorati, and many...(check insert drop down)
  • Have the option of including online / offline pictures and videos directly without any issues. Below picture is inserted from live writer.


     Elegant Design. Will not look like typical windows application. Looks like Vista based application. Shadowing menus gives you a pleasant drop down experience.

1 comment:

Jigar Mehta said...

I agree, Windows Live Writer (aka WLW) is an excellent tool, I would like you all to try other windows live tools as well.. Like Windows Live Desktop Mail, Windows Live photo Galary..

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