Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogr Interview: Logesh

Logesh is a blogger from Southern India. He blogs about open source, Wordpress, making money online etc. You can find his blog here.

His business website his where he does the webhosting business. Thank you Logesh for your time with us.

Blogrtools: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi everybody, I am Logesh from Namakkal in TamilNadu. I love Computers, Internet & Bikes. I am currently doing business with computers and having a small office in my town. That's all to say about me :)

Blogrtools: When did you started blogging and why did you want to do so ? any inspirations?
I started blogging in August 2007 after getting a own domain name for me. I wanted to start blogging, because i just want to share my knowledge to the world and also want to show the people how I am making money online. That's all. Yeah, I was inspired by many blogger's like Shoemoney, ProBlogger, John Chow, John Cow and Shankarganesh

Blogrtools: Tell us about your blog. What do you write about ?
My blog is at . I blog about different topics but especially covers on the topics Making Money Online, Adsense Tips, Open Source, Free Stuffs & Wordpress Tips. In future I am also going to cover about the Ubuntu Linux Operating system.

Blogrtools: what blogging tools do you use?
I use Wordpress on my own self hosted domain. I use the Wordpress plug-in's Mighty Adsense, Google Sitemap Generator, Another Wordpress Meta Tag that's all.

Blogrtools: How do you think people can benefit from blogging?
From blogging people can benefit a lot. First they can get a good knowledge and then they can earn enough money too :)

Blogrtools: Has blogging changed your life? What do you get out of it?
Yeah, it helped me to get some nice friends, customers for my business and especially made some money for me.

Blogrtools: By blogging, do you make money or intend to do so? Do you think blogging is meant for making money?
Yeah I make money by blogging. I think blogging is not to make money. Its a way to share our thoughts, knowledge, communicate with others in the world and to make money also.

Blogrtools: What is your frequency of blogging? full time / part time. what makes you do full time / part time?
I blog as Part time only. I started blogging with the aim to post at-least to make two posts per day but due to insufficient time and a lot of other works i can't do :(

Blogrtools: Do you know how many people visit your blog? Do you know what kind of people are they?
By average about 20 peoples are visiting my blog. Most of them were blogger's like me and others are peoples who were searching to get information's on Adsense and Wordpress tips.

Blogrtools: Do you think that a blog can make a difference in the world?
Yeah! Surely! It can make the world to change a lot..

Blogrtools: what's your suggestions for the new blogger's?
I suggest them is to Use Wordpress blogging platform on their own self hosted domain and with some SEO plug-ins. Then start writing frequently and make your visitors to love you. If you want to make money from your blog i suggest you to use Adsense, Widget bucks like that. But don't expect a good money in the beginning because it all won't happens in Overnight. It depends on your ability and don't lose your confidence. All the best :)

Blogrtools: Do you have anything else to tell our readers?
I would like to thank all my readers for the support they have shown and hoping to get your continued support and encouragement.
Then a special thanks for Blogrtools who showed me to more peoples in this world through this interview. :)

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