Sunday, October 14, 2007

Custom Blog Hosting

Instead of writing blogs on hosted blog space providers, we can ourself host the blog. how do we do that? how much does it cost? we are going to analyze here.

How do we do that?
  • Buy a domain and web space from a domain provider.
  • Log-in to your control panel.
  • Install a blogging software like or drupal.
  • Visit here for hosting the blog on with your custom domain name
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization on the softwares you install. has by default. for drupal, you need to enable in the administrator page..
  • Add the blog the to various search engines like google, yahoo
How much does it cost?
  • Usually domain cost 10 USD or 400 INR
  • 50 MB space costs around 18 USD or 750 INR
  • Web based Blogging software like or drupal is free as it is open source, so zero cost
Do i need to be technically sound?
No. you need not. both the above mentioned software are user friendly which does not need technical expertise. if you need more customization or advanced blogging software, you need to look for freelancer who can help you

Why should i go for custom blog hosting?
You have full control over what you gonna to use for blogging. for eg. if you use blog, you will not have all the features that software has. you can install lots of publicly available modules / extensions and move to advanced blogging. the difference between and is that is hosted one where you cannot go for customisation. but if you are using software installed, you can install any extensions / modules according to your requirements. we can add our own spam control extensions.

What other stuffs i get when i do custom blog hosting?
you can get the complete awstats about your website provided by most of the webhosting providers. you can even sign up for Google analytics and put their code in your blogging software and track your blog performance. also if your domain is based on your name, then you gain much more popularity.

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