Friday, October 12, 2007

Wordpress vs Blogspot

Both WordPress and Blogspot blog site are very well popular among bloggers. but which one is the best? i analysized that and provided you with the details below

Wordpress is for pure blogging. you cannot make money. Blogspot is for both blogging and making money.

Wordpress does not allow you to add third party code eg. javascript. Blogspot allows that

Wordpess cannot integrate with Google maps. Blogspot allows that.

Wordpress is clean and cool interface. Blogspot is little bit lesser

Wordpress have Blog Statistics. Blogspot does not have. you need to sign up for Google analytics for that

Wordpress have comment moderation powered by Akismet. Blogspot too have Comment Moderation.

Wordpress have easy integration of youtube videos. Blogspot does not. you need to paste the code.

Wordpress does not have a way of writing blog via email. Blogspot has that great feature.

Wordpress allows you to follow up with the comments you wrote on other wordpress blogs. Blogspot does not have that.

Wordpress does not have Hindi transliteration built in. Blogspot have that.

Wordpress have lots of cool templates. Blogspot have only few. but we can make custom templates :) wordpress does not allow you.

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