Sunday, October 28, 2007

@bout blogrtools...

blogrtools is all about blog, blogger, blogging tools, collection of Blogr interviews. I have read in many of the blogs about writing a "about page" for a blog. until writing this about page, I too don't have any. I realized the importance of about page after reading lots of posts related to it. you can find out about blogrtools below....

so what is blogrtools all about?

yet another blog advisory? yet another blog tips ? what else then...? blogrtools is about the blogging tools and its reviews. blogrtools is about the blogger's and their interviews.

why did I created a Blogrtools?

frankly speaking, I started this blogrtools to give blogging tips. unfortunately when I searched the Internet, there are hell a lot of tips already given by the people. so what I have planned to do now is to get the tips, hacks directly from blogger's. not just tips and hacks, you will see the experiences, where did the blogger started... etc all from the blogger's directly. every week you would see an interview section from a blogger.

what else I can get from here?

I have also in mind about podcasting/videocasting the interviews in the coming series. you will tend to see what blogger's speak about. I will try to publish the video tutorials of using various blog writing tools, Installation, maintenance, upgrading of various blogging software's like Wordpress, drupal etc.


Interviews were published with the full rights from the respective blogger's. Apart from Interview section, other articles that are published in this blog are my own writing out of my own interest


I will try to write lot about using the tools and other options available. subscribe to get updated content.

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