Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Introducing Blog`a`zine, a blogger's magazine

What is Blog`a`zine?

Blog`a`zine = Blog(ger) + Magazine.

Blog`a`zine - a blogger's magazine for blogger's. A magazine about blogger's, blogging tools, and blogger’s interview will be released every month. Magazine will feature articles / posts from the blogrtools blog. Magazine will be available for free in PDF format. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get to know more updates....

What will the Blog`a`zine contains?

Following are the list of items at present I have in mind for publishing every month. I will try to add more to the list as and when anything useful that comes to my mind. You are welcome to add more to the list which I will try to cover in next edition

  • Interviews from blogger's,
  • Tips written by me,
  • Snippets,
  • General Information's about blogging

If you would like to contribute to Blog`a`zine, please contact me via email. Lot more to come in the next November editions.... Meanwhile you can download the October edition here or view online here.

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