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Blogr Interview : Nandhakumar

Nandhakumar is a tamil blog writer. He writes about Indian History, Love, Girls, romance etc. He also writes peoms and short stories.

Blogrtools: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Well I am Nandhakumar. Between blogger's Nandha. I am being a creative designer in a S/W industry. Currently in chennai.

Blogrtools: When did you started blogging and why did you want to do so ? any inspirations?

I am a regular reader of blogs for the last three years. But I have started blogging just 8 months back only. Particularly I could not say a single person as my inspiration.
My main reason for blogging is I need a media to express and share my thoughts, my writing skills.And more over you may have certain principles and you may don't know whether those principles will lead you to the correct way or not. So by expressing and exchanging your thoughts you may get an idea. Rather then expressing your thoughts in a small circle, Blog is the only media where you can reach all kind of people who are residing all over the world.

Blogrtools: Tell us about your blog. What do you write about ?

I am writing the Blog in the name of "நந்தாவின் கிறுக்கல்கள்" .In my blog I don't have any limitations or boundaries particularly. Till now I have written some stories, poetics, articles which speaks about Books, Indian history, Feminism, Mahatma Gandhi, Atheism.... etc.

Blogrtools: what blogging tools do you use?

Initially I started my blogging in blogger. Now I moved to self hosted blog by using Wordpress.

Blogrtools: How do you think people can benefit from blogging?

Well the word benefit refers lot. If you really think benefit is only economical oriented, then there is nothing from me to say. If a person doing blogging in a optimized way, He/She can get some good friends, Unlimited knowledge, some more technical skills in web technologies, improves His/Her writing skills.
In our schooling and college days we may have written some leave letters and of course some apology letters. :)
But apart from that did you ever write a article or a letter to anybody in one or two pages? Maximum of us will say no for this question. If you really like your language you may be willing to improve your writing skills in your preferred language.Isn't it? Doing blogging is improving one's writing skills enormously.I can say it soundly.

Blogrtools: Has blogging changed your life? What do you get out of it?
It gives me lot of confidence, lot of good friends, and more knowledge in Politics, Feminism, Indian and world history, Periyar, Literature books, Cinema....etc. If I start to explain it one by one then it'll fill lot and lot of pages.

Blogrtools: By blogging, do you make money or intend to do so? Do you think blogging is meant for making money?

No. I don't have that kind of idea. Making money thru blogging is one's personal choice. But I am not interested.

Blogrtools: Has your blog helped anyone personally. Can you quote us an instance of how he/she got benefited?

Well some of my articles changed some person's thought about that particular subject. And some body personally said "the things you told in your story is happened in my friend's/relative's life. I felt that pain..... I have written a story called "கனவுகளைத் தொலைத்தவள்". I got lot of good responses for that story. Somebody wrote a personal letter and shared their feel about it.

Blogrtools: Among the blog post you had written so far, please tell us which one you loved most when writing and why did you liked it? please give link

This poetry kind of thing I liked very much. I have seen many wise women who have changed fully once they got married. This poetry "பத்தினிப் பெண்கள்" is based on that only.

Blogrtools: What is your frequency of blogging? full time / part time. what makes you do full time / part time?

Normally I used to write articles four or five in a month. I am doing blogging as part time only.

Blogrtools: Do you know how many people visit your blog? Do you know what kind of people are they?

Ya! I am using some statistical tools to know that information. Since I am willing to write all kind of matters, the visitors also in various kinds.

Blogrtools: Do you think that a blog can make a difference in the world?

Do you know one thing If you write a article in a magazine or in a paper, there will be always a editor to slow down or edit your thoughts in that post. Whereas blogging is a only place you can get 100% freedom to express your views. Now a days in America The blogger's playing an important role in their election. So after some time it may possible here also.
And Since our Indian News magazines are not giving exact happenings between Srilankan government - LTTE I am really getting exact things from Blogs only about that matters.

Blogrtools: How to do foresee the future of blogging?

The real improvement in blogging is not only adding too many blogger's. it also includes adding more and more readers of blogs. This is very very important.

Blogrtools: what's your suggestions for the new blogger's?

Nothing specially to say. Welcome to the new World. Don't shrink yourself by writing same kind of matters. Write about many things and get more vision. Be a blogger and be a good reader too.

Blogrtools: Do you have anything else to tell our readers?

I think I spoke a lot. :)

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