Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live Writer Technorati Tagging Bug

Windows Live Writer has a feature of adding tags from various website's like Technorati,, LiveJournal, and Flickr etc. When inserting the Tag links for Technorati like below

Technorati Tags:

The problem with the above is that it appends the '/' slash after the tag. i.e the above Live Writter links to

which is wrong. Because the Technorati tags does not have a 'tags' word and '/' in the end appended to it. the right way of doing is show below

In order to generate like this, click on the Tags you have Inserted. on the right sidebar, you would see Tags Properties. Below that you would see the Options where your tags will be displayed. Below this, is the Tag Provider drop down. Select the (Customize Providers...). A dialog box with Tag providers list will open. select Technorati and click Edit button. You would see some thing called HTML template for each tag textarea which contains below text

<a href="{tag-encoded}/" rel="tag">{tag}</a>

change the above text with the below one by removing the trailing slash '/' after {tag-encoded} text

<a href="{tag-encoded}" rel="tag">{tag}</a>

Press Ok and close. Re-Insert the Technorati tags. Now your Technorati tags will be properly visible as below

Technorati Tags: , , ,

1 comment:

DragonStyle said...

Thanks for reporting this. We'll get it cleaned up in a coming release of Writer.

Sorry about that!


Charles (MSFT)

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