Thursday, October 11, 2007

blogr tools

why is this blog? this blogr tools is all about tools that helps bloggers in every way for easy blogging.
how this can help me? blogr tools helps you by providing suggestions, comments for efficient blogging in the internet. it also provides information about various blogging tools and its how to
just tools....? no. not limited to tools. i will discuss here beyond blogging...i.e making money, attaining popularity in internet, helping social cause etc.
is this exists before? yeah! there are lot but they all became messy. i am going to start from scratch and help you get started from blogging, blogging tools, blogging websites, blogging news, videos, podcasts, images..., monetizing the blog, making money, bringing revolution etc
why all of a sudden this blogr tools? what ever i wanted to do with my personal blog, i willing to share my knowledge with you all so that you too can achieve some thing. different people have different thoughts and wanted to bring those thoughts to the internet.
what are stuff will be covered? i will teach about blogging tools, writing code for development of blogging tools like wordpress, blog themes development, blog monetization, making money with blog, writing good articles

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